Organic Matters is owned by Heather Whitefield, a landscape gardener and Hudson Valley native with over 25 years of experience in residential garden design and construction.

Since launching Organic Matters in 1995, Heather and her team have offered landscape design, installation and garden maintenance services to homeowners and small businesses throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley.

B9317075302Z.1_20150502195900_000_G6IAJ4FO2.1-0We approach our projects with the idea that landscape design and garden maintenance are two sides of the same coin. A garden is more successful when it is cared for with the design intention in mind. And good design always takes long-term care and sustainability into account.
Our name encapsulates our approach to landscape gardening. When building and caring for the gardens of our clients, we use natural and proven organic methods. Organic gardening starts with smart plant selection. When plants are in the right place–well suited to the site requirements, spaced and planted correctly and are given the care they need to become established–they thrive and need little or no intervention from us. An organic approach also avoids using toxic chemicals and other materials that harm the larger environment in and around your garden, business and home.






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